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We invite you to join us in person (masks required) for our Sunday Holy Eucharist at 10 am. The service is also livestream via our Facebook page.


All are welcome at St. Andrew’s – in person or virtually – no matter who you are or where you may be on your faith journey. No exceptions!



What St. Andrew’s means to me? Well that’s very hard to say in just a few words. But the first word that comes to mind is Family.
After that I think of friendship, warmth, security, love and joy. A sense of belonging and being surrounded by loving familiar faces.
I was born into the St Andrew’s community. I was baptized, confirmed, and married here. Growing up I attended Sunday school and was a member of Girls Friendly, the junior choir and YPF.
While at St. Andrew’s I have experienced the happiest and most joyful times of my life. And also the darkest and saddest time of my life. And throughout everything I have always felt supported and uplifted by this wonderful congregation.
So I come back to what I said in the beginning. To me St. Andrew’s is family! 
Charlene Dubee  


One of my favorite lines in a hymn is:

Ponder anew what the Almighty can do.


It pops to mind during a variety of situations; Rescues during times of disaster, a dazzling display of skill, the changes in the weather and the seasons, the turn around of a pandemic, the streaming of church services… Think about it -ponder anew.


Since it has become too difficult for me to make the personal journey to St. Andrew’s, it’s been a literal ‘God send’ to have the service and the church family streamed to me. Thank you. Listening to the announcements of activities is a reminder that commitments continue despite everything being in flux - Think about it - ponder anew


Where there is a will there is a way -God’s way - and St. Andrew’s seems to always finds His way. Think about it - ponder anew.


Nancy Vollano

Jan, Rich Photo 2019-12-08.jpeg

St. Andrew’s has been our Church home since 1987. Not as long as some who worship here, longer than others. In all that time, I’ve thought of this parish as family.

I’ve been very involved with this family. From cooking for fairs to serving on Vestry, from a variety of maintenance tasks to Senior Warden, from church school teacher to Lay Eucharistic Minister. Over the years, there’s been plenty to do, and I’ve tried to help out when I was able.

The past year and a half has caused most of our activities to come to a screeching halt. I thank God for placing Fr. Nicholas here. He’s the right priest in the right place at the right time.

With Father Nicholas’ leadership, in conjunction with Senior Warden Marty Mautte, the Vestry, and Chris Abbott, the most important aspect of our parish life – our Sunday Eucharist – continued through the pandemic. There’s been a lot of negativity lately regarding Facebook, but Facebook Live was a Godsend. Janet and I were able to worship with our St. Andrew’s family, albeit at a social distance. I enjoyed passing the peace via the chat box. I especially remember Joe Dubee’s regular greeting of “Shalom.”

Fr. Nicholas also arranged for a Zoom Bible study that met weekly. It was another chance to stay connected and because it was on Zoom, it was also very social.

Colleen Abbott has been nothing short of remarkable in providing our weekly Constant Contact News from St. Andrew’s. Please try to remember to send her a thank-you once in a while.

As things around Church begin to approach our new normal, we still have to remain vigilant regarding Covid-19, but we’re able to spend some time face-to-face. I’m reminded of a hymn “Have You Seen Jesus, My Lord?” One verse is,” Have you ever stood in the family with the Lord there in your midst? Seen the face of Christ on your brother/sister? Then I say, you’ve seen Jesus my Lord.” Jesus is here with us, and I see Jesus in each of you.
St. Andrew’s is very important to me and I will continue to support this home and family faithfully.

Rich Daigle


To paraphrase Milford’s motto: “The Little City with the Big Heart,” our church could be described as “the Little Church with the Big Heart.”
I want to tell you how awesome you all are. Time and again we have come to you requesting help with our various ministries, as well as, financial help to maintain our church. We have compiled a long list of all the ministries our church is or was involved in. Some of these have had to be curtailed due to the pandemic but many you continue to support.
You feed the poor through the Senior Citizen Food Bank. These donations help feed a family for a week. You also contribute to our monthly dinners at Beth El. You support children in need through the Covenant to Care program and the Samaritan’s Purse project that sends your gift filled boxes to children here and overseas. You also support our Vets through Books for Vets program and our Valentines for Vets.
There are many more ways that you all contribute, like keeping our altars so beautifully decorated, maintaining the lawn and gardens, and serving as Eucharistic Ministers and Lectors and Ushers.
Your support is so important and you time and again step up to support them. This is the reason why I love St. Andrew’s.
Thank you for your care, compassion, and support.
Carol Penta


The Coronavirus pandemic has left all of us feeling in turns anxious, fearful, isolated, frustrated, and confused. It has been difficult for all, but has been terrifying for those of us who work in health care. We live in constant fear of being exposed, getting sick ourselves or, worst of all, bringing the virus home to our loved ones. 


This church family and our livestreaming services were the bright spot each Sunday in the otherwise dark days, especially early on in the pandemic. Reading comments and salutations, and knowing we were all close in spirit, was very comforting. Coming back to in-person worship on Easter Sunday was wonderful. Seeing everyone’s masked faces, though not the same, reaffirmed my belief that St. Andrew’s really is my church home.


Noël Abbott


We joined the church as single adults looking for a spiritual renewal. We stopped at St. Andrew’s and realized after one visit that we needed to look no further- the parish and sense of belonging overwhelmed us, mainly because we felt so welcome from all of you.


Shortly after, we knew we had found a family. We were engaged, and then decided to change course from having an outdoor wedding at the reception venue of choice (more than an hour away) to St. Andrew’s. It was important that we celebrate the union of our love in our spiritual home. And celebrate we did- with you there with us.

Along came Averie’s birth announcement, and with open arms we were embraced like nothing we’d ever experienced, with such an outpouring of love. The pandemic was hard - we looked forward to bringing her in once she had her first flu vaccine, (which we did). 
Shortly after, just 2 weeks, the pandemic shut us down. While we were disappointed, we also still felt that connection. Averie, just a few months old, danced with uninhibited feeling to each livestream hymn and brought us smiles through you.
You kept us connected even without knowing, through every livestream comment. We thank you, and we are so grateful for your bond to move our family forward alongside you.
Kate, Allie & Averie Feeley